WP 5 – Conclusions and recommendations

 WP 5. Conclusions and recommendations    WP5 – F4S – description   (PDF ~ 150ko)

 Task 5.1. Institutional fit analysis and proposition of public policies (CPDR)

This task will integrate the results obtained by the different partners in the analysis of the transition pathways through an analysis of the institutional fit of the governance mechanisms analysed under WP3 and the behavioural drivers of the actors analysed under WP2. As there is no “one size fits all” solution, the main issue is to create a better fit between the best available hybrid governance arrangements (both of market, collaborative and governmental type) and the various (intrinsic and extrinsic) motivational drivers of the actors. In particular, in order to foster wide acceptance of the proposed arrangements this integration should include the results of the interaction organised with the stakeholders.

 Task 5.2. Summary and Recommendations (CPDR-CEB-BIOECONOMICS)

The aim of this sub-task is to produce a synthetic document with

  • A summary of the main findings of the project;
  • A set of recommendations for the design of public policies that could best support social innovations that can contribute to a gradual transition towards more sustainable food systems, associated with a description of the impacts that can be expected from the implementation of such public policies.