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  • Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) – Centre for Philosophy of Law (CPDR)

The Centre for Philosophy of Law (CPDR) is a multi-disciplinary research entity of the JUR-I research institute at the UCL. Its specific aim is to develop a theory of democratic governance adapted to contemporary society. It carries out researches on governance both at a theoretical level in the theory of collective action and theory of governance and at a more empirical level in thematic fields such as biodiversity governance, and protection of fundamental rights.

Team : Olivier DE SCHUTTER (coordinator), Tom DEDEURWAERDERE (co-promotor), Jose Luis VIVERO POL, Thomas BLEECKX, Sibylle BUI, Ionara DA COSTA, Charlotte DE CALLATAŸ, Paula FERNANDEZ-WULFF, Karen BRABANT, Agathe OSINSKI, Thibault GOURLEZ DE LA MOTTE.
  • Olivier DE SCHUTTER, Coordinator

Olivier De Schutter is professor of Law at the University catholique de Louvain, professor at the College of Europe (Natolin-Poland), visiting professor of Law at the Columbia University, and visiting professor at the University of Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne. He is a member of the Global Law School Faculty at New York University. His research areas are European Law, Fundamental Rights and the right to food. He served as UN Special rapporteur on the right to food (May 2008–May 2014). He is co-chair of IPES-Food, and co-promotor of the Louvain Partnership Research on Ecological and Social Transition.

  • Tom DEDEURWAERDERE, Co-promoter

Tom Dedeurwaerdere is professor of philosophy of science and theory of governance at the University catholique de Louvain and director of the Biodiversity Governance Unit (BIOGOV) at the Centre for Philosophy of Law (CPDR). He has been involved in EU collaborative FP7 projects and was granted in 2011 a European Council Research grant (Gencommons Institutionalizing global genetic-resource commons). He is co-promotor of the Louvain Partnership Research on Ecological and Social Transition (LPTransition).

  • Jose Luis VIVERO POL

Jose Luis Vivero Pol is an agricultural engineer. He joined the BIOGOV Unit of the CPDR in 2012 and obtained a Phd in Agronomy in October 2017. His research interests are the governance of food systems considered as a common and the motivations and leadership for transition towards sustainable systems. He has fourteen years of previous experience in biodiversity and food security actions in developing countries.

  • Thomas BLEECKX

Thomas Bleeckx is a research associate at BIOGOV unit, involved in projects linked to the goverance of sustainable food systems, mainly working on the Food4Sustainability. He holds a master in Agricultural Bioengineering from the Université catholique de Louvain. His primary area of expertise has been the study of agro-biodiversity with a focus on the socio-economic factors that influence it.

  • Sibylle BUI

Sibylle Bui is a sociologist, with background in agronomy. Her main research interests are transitions of agri-food systems towards agroecology and territorial dynamics. For the Food4Sustainability project, she studies initiatives aiming at introducing local products in supermarkets, to further investigate the issues of governance and power reconfiguration in transition processes.

  • Ionara DA COSTA

Ionara da Costa holds a PhD in Science and Technology policy. She is associated researcher at the University of Campinas (Brazil). From June 2011 to July 2014, she worked as Marie Curie fellow at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management (CENTRIM) at the University of Brighton, UK. In January 2016, she joined the Biodiversity Governance Unit (BIOGOV) at the Center for Philosophy of Law (UCL), as post-doctoral researcher during two years (01/2016-01/2018) and currently as associated researcher. Her research interests include interdisciplinary studies, particularly related to the role played by business actors in sustainability transitions.

  • Charlotte DE CALLATAŸ

Charlotte de Callataÿ holds a master in Law and in Economy. She joined the Human Right unit (CRIDHO) and the BIOGOV unit of the Center fro Philosophy of Law in October 2014, as doctoral researcher. Her main research interests include food with a view to economic and social transition of our society.


Paula Fernández-Wulff is a Ph.D. candidate in law at UCL working on the role of social innovations in the localization of social rights with a particular focus on sustainable food systems. Her research interests include the local implementation of economic and social rights and critical perspectives on human rights more broadly. Trained as a lawyer at Complutense University and Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, she also holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Governance from United Nations University.

  • Thibault GOURLEZ DE LA MOTTE (worked on the project from March to August 2014)

Thibault holds a Master of Economics, Law and Business studies (KUL) and a Master of Laws (Ulg). He wrote a thesis on the precautionary principle in European law. His research area is on governance for the transition to sustainability.

Administrative staff

  • Anne LIESSE, coordinatrice administrative de projets de recherche
  • Caroline VAN SCHENDEL, secrétaire de recherche

  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) – Division of Bioeconomics

The Division of Bio-Economics is part of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. It focuses on sustainable and efficient use of natural resources to realize economic growth and well-being. It studies the environmental and socio-economic outcomes in biobased economic sectors, including production and marketing of food, feed, fiber, fuel and flowers. It develops economic, bio-economic and integrated models and frameworks, and uses them in combination with insights from agronomy and natural sciences to assess environmental and socio-economic outcomes.

Team: Erik MATHIJS, Tessa AVERMAETE, Pepijn DE SNIJDER, Tjitske Anna ZWART
  • Erik MATHIJS

Erik Mathijs (Professor of Agricultural and Food Economics). Research on the monitoring and implementation of sustainability transitions in the agro-food sector. From June 2013 onwards, he will the coordinator of the Policy Research Centre on Transitions for Sustainable Development, a research consortium of KU Leuven, Ghent University,VITO and DRIFT (Erasmus University Rotterdam) funded by the Flemish Government. He was rapporteur of the 3rd SCAR foresight exercise (Freibauer et al., 2011).


Tessa Avermaete is postdoctoral researcher at the division of bioeconomics. Her research focuses on sustainable transition of the EU food system and food and nutrition security in Europe. She is responsible for the management of the FP7 project TRANSMANGO ( and, together with prof Wannes Keulemans, she organizes the metaforum on food security and food production of the KU Leuven (

  • Pepijn DE SNIJDER

Pepijn De Snijder is a research associate at the division of Bioeconomics, involved in projects linked to the transition to sustainable food systems, mainly working on the Food4Sustainability project. He is trained as a molecular biologist in nutrient sensing and involved in awareness and project organizations for sustainable development in Belgium, The Blue Academy, CORE cvba and Act4Change.

  • Tjitske Anna ZWART

Tjitske is a researcher at the University of Leuven. She is interested in the question of how we can feed the world, now and in the future. She addresses this question by studying practices of food production, provisioning and consumption. She works together with people and organisations ranging from small-scale initiatives to large retailers, research institutes, NGOs and governments. In her projects she studies (1) how we can work together for a more sustainable future of food (2) the sourcing and marketing of local food by small-scale initiatives and retailers, and (3) food waste.

  • Université Libre de Bruxelles  (ULB) – Centre Emile Bernheim (CEB)

Centre Emile Bernheim (CEB) is ULB’s research Institute in Management Sciences, affiliated to the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM).CEB aims at developing and promoting advanced scientific research in Management Sciences.Marek Hudon is Professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM). He is responsible for the microfinance unit at CERMi, and for the environmental unit at CEESE where researches are conducted on social finance and the efficient use of financial innovation in sustainable development.

Team : Marek HUDON, Hélène JOACHAIN, Alicia DIPIERRI
  • Marek HUDON

Marek Hudon (Professor at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management -SBS-EM-, ULB). He is responsible for the microfinance unit at CERMi, and for the environmental unit at CEESE. Research on social finance and the efficient use of innovation financial in sustainable development.

  • Hélène JOACHAIN

Hélène Joachain ​is a post-doc researcher at the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi) of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). At the moment she is working on the Food4Sustainability project (F4S) with a focus on the role of values in bringing about institutional changes towards more sustainable practices in the food system. Her research interests are Complementary currencies, transition to sustainability, motivation and values, collective action and new commons. She ​holds a PhD in Economics and Management Sciences (SBS-EM, ULB), and Master’s Degrees in Economics and Management (SBS-EM, ULB), in Environment (IGEAT, ULB) and in Creative Writing (ELICIT, ULB).

  • Alicia DIPIERRI

Alicia Dipierri is a researcher, at the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi) of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). At the moment she is working on the Food4Sustainability project (F4S) with a focus on pro-environmental motivations -as a multidimensional construct- of the food supply chain actors towards sustainability. Her research interests are Behavioral Economics, Common-Pool Resources, Climate Change, Food Security and International Development. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Development and Economics (HTW Berlin, Germany), two Post-Licentiate degrees in Marketing (UOC Barcelona, Spain) and International Trade (UB Barcelona, Spain), and a Licentiate in Tourism Planning (UNCo Neuquen, Argentina).