The project partners form a strong consortium with complementary skills and experience with the collaboration and management of large scale projects.

The following graph offers a synthetic view of how the contributions of the different partners will be integrated.

WP1. State of the art on the governance of low carbon and resource efficient food systems  –  WP1 – F4S – description (PDF ~ 200ko)

  • Task 1.1. Review of the literature on institutional tools and governance mechanisms for low carbon and resource efficient food systems (CPDR-BIOECONOMICS)
  • Task.1.2. Review of legal and policy frameworks applicable to food systems in Belgium (CPDR-CEB)

WP2. Mapping collective processes in transition pathways in food systems in Belgium  –  WP2 – F4S – description (PDF ~ 300ko)

  • Task 2.1. Mapping and analysis of collective processes in transition pathways in agriculture (CPDR-CEB)
  • Task 2.2. Comparative analysis of the key factors for emergence, success and failure of the governance arrangements in the selected initiatives

WP3. Implications for the design of innovative governance arrangements  –  WP3 – F4S – description (PDF ~ 300ko)

  • Task 3.1. Organisational principles of collective processes in successful governance of transition pathways (CPDR)
  • Task 3.2. Governing collective processes in market transactions (CEB -BIOECONOMICS)
  • Task 3.3. Governing collective processes in governmental incentive/regulatory schemes (CEB -CPDR)

WP4. Transdisciplinary stakeholder interface  –  WP4 – F4S – description  (PDF  ~ 200ko)

  • Task 4.1. Collaborative problem framing (CEB -CPDR)
  • Task 4.2. Strategies for integrating the results into societal practice (CPDR-CEB-BIOECONOMICS)

WP 5. Conclusions and recommendations  –  WP5 – F4S – description (PDF ~ 200ko)

  • Task 5.1. Institutional fit analysis and proposition of public policies (CPDR)
  • Task 5.2. Summary and Recommendations (CPDR-CEB-BIOECONOMICS)

WP6. Coordination and dissemination  –  WP6 – F4S – description (PDF ~ 150ko)

  • Task 6.1. Coordination (CPDR)
  • Task 6.2. Reports and dissemination (CPDR-CEB-BIOECONOMICS)