Follow-up committee

The aim of the follow-up committee is that potential users of the research on transition to sustainable food systems provide feedback on conceptual and methodological aspects, as well as active follow-up of and guidance on the research results.

The follow-up committee is composed of:

  • Vredeseilanden  – Consumentenwerking en samenwerking met bedrijven in Vlaanderen –
  • Boerenbond
  • Flemish agricultural administration-Departement Landbouw en Visserij- Division monitoring and studies -AMS
  • Researcher in social and cultural anthropology at the ILVO Instituut voor Lanbouw en Visserijonderzoek
  • Fonction: VLAM – Vlaams Centrum voor Agro- en Visserijmarketing, hoeve- en streekproducten;  product manager bio
  • Factor X The Climate Consulting Group
  • Brussels environnement  IBGE / Leefmilieu Brussel – BIM – Responsible for Sustainable Food System
  • Bruxelles Environnement – IBGE / Leefmilieu Brussel – BIM – Responsable Service Green Economy
  • ULiège – Agroecology, Food Systems, Alternative Food Networks, Transitions Towards Sustainability
  • Follow-up committee meetings

    1. Report of the first follow-up committee meeting – 14th November 2014 : 20141114_Report_meeting_Follow-up committee